McDavid credits rollerblading for smooth skating

We all know how good of a skater McDavid is. But did you know his speed, stride and effortless skating can all be credited to rollerblading? Yup, you heard that right. Rollerblading. Something we all know a lot about here in California.

The sight of McDavid blowing past defenders is an almost every-game occurrence for the Edmonton Oilers captain whose speed is the envy of the NHL. McDavid’s crossover moves that propelled him a league-high 108 points came from years of cruising around on rollerblades.

“Even when I wasn’t on the ice, I was always on my rollerblades,” McDavid said. “It’s what’s kind of got me here. I love training that way. It’s kind of just by yourself. There’s no fancy skill coach, there’s no nothing. It’s just on your rollerblades and working on some skills.”

Rollerblading! Who knew! Well, actually a lot of people here in California and its not just how you skate but also every other aspect of your game. Sure, roller hockey and ice hockey aren’t exactly an exact match but its close enough that every kid should be playing both. And you know the best part of roller hockey? You can play it anywhere!

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BTW, am I dating myself if the first image that came to mind when I saw this article was that Upper Deck Bure card? And yes I know there is another one with his brother as well. Thanks Internet!